You have heard about Jonah, right? 

If you’re like most people you’ve got the story pretty well nailed down: Man is swallowed up by a BIG fish. A disobedient prophet runs from his assignment and God catches up to him via a storm. Into the water goes Jonah only to be saved by a divinely appointed rescue fish. Deposited back on dry land, Jonah carries out his mission and much to his surprise there is success! Pagan Nineveh repents. Great news! No, not for Jonah. He wants the city judged. Let the fire fall! The story ends with the prophet totally self-absorbed and pouting.

What is really the message in this little book?

Pastor and Bible expositor Ray Stedman once wrote, “Jonah is probably the best known yet least understood book in the Bible.”  Jonah is about the scandalous grace of a God who relentlessly pursues sinners.

Join us as we explore a strange Old Testament book that is telling a Gospel story. 

We’ll begin our series on Sunday, May 6.

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